twilight evolution

All things replaced through progress;

It spares no time,
has come to disrespect natural logic,
and sedated the will of our connected conscience
to the chirps of dissonant crickets.

The once bright future
has reached its nautical twilight;
We are losing the horizon,
and beginning to remember
what fear lays waiting in the darkness.

There is no escape from this nightfall,
it is coming for us all.

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I think I’ve been ignoring the #4.
Not intentionally, more like it’s been blocked.

Like if I just slowed down,
and looked around the bedroom of another’s mind with closer reverence,
it might be there on some epic poster that triggers that nerve,
and tweaks my inspiration past the breach point of my damned conscience.

Or acting like neon light detour signs
for the leading edge of my impulse flow;

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the perfect pair

the perfect pair

Life feels like a pair of jeans
that I don’t seem to wear long enough to work them in.

They’re solid, look good, and get me compliments,
but they are not mine.

They are only a dream of waking up one day,
not thinking about the possible futures of when they’ll be comfy,
but with the comfort of knowing I can take on any adventure in them,
and they are always the perfect pair.

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until you know your own mind (Lyric) - The B.B.S.

Until you know your own mind (Lyric) – The Belladonna Bramble Syndicate

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They ask me what I’m thinking,
when they see me staring blind;
I tell them I don’t know,
or can’t explain,
and it all comes out unkind.

It seems I just don’t understand it;
Apparently I should be settling down.
But I see the world creeping death around me,
and I can’t stop…

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