the perfect pair

the perfect pair

Life feels like a pair of jeans
that I don’t seem to wear long enough to work them in.

They’re solid, look good, and get me compliments,
but they are not mine.

They are only a dream of waking up one day,
not thinking about the possible futures of when they’ll be comfy,
but with the comfort of knowing I can take on any adventure in them,
and they are always the perfect pair.

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until you know your own mind (Lyric) - The B.B.S.

Until you know your own mind (Lyric) – The Belladonna Bramble Syndicate

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They ask me what I’m thinking,
when they see me staring blind;
I tell them I don’t know,
or can’t explain,
and it all comes out unkind.

It seems I just don’t understand it;
Apparently I should be settling down.
But I see the world creeping death around me,
and I can’t stop…

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Something new…

soft serve observations

I looked at the picture,
and wondered why it seemed so important to me.

Maybe it represented a simple happiness.
There was only the ice cream,
perfectly sculpted and lit,
held in a cheap napkin and my grey woolen glove;
Against a silent darkness.

Here was…

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I think I just hypnotized my kitten with tutting.

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