nightly soul shelter

I want an in ground sleep room,
with no transferring structural or exterior distortion.
With radiant floor heating.
Like a comfy sensory deprivation chamber.

The only distractions beyond the sound barrier,
consisting of some of the truest pleasures in life.
Connected conversation, free of aggravating interruptions.
The pen rolling over paper, or the turning of a page.
The music of a lover’s moans,…

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calmz en gose

I felt the squish under my thumb,
and instantly knew I had killed something,
trying to hold a zen pose.

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planted roots up

If the people as a whole are so indifferent to affect change,
even when they knowingly admit that they’re being cheated;
then is there anyway to provoke a change for peace,
when if ever they could see beyond country and corporation,
by decree or lynch-mob,
they would still fight over the dust after annihilation?

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gotta light?

I had the substance,
but was missing the element.

I am a fire sign.
If I don’t ignite,
I am just an empty gaseous universe;

An endlessly blanding together of obscurity,
dissipating in every direction.

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knights of roving ramblings

knights of roving ramblings

“Don’t you ever find yourself searching for a place to write,
then venture out,
drawing your pen like a sword
as you begin your quest?”

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tune of the loon

tune of the loon

How beautifully cries the Loon;
One who sings the truth ever so sweetly,
that the alert in the lyrics
is overshadowed by the phantasmal melody.

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adversity conquered

I think when he died,
and everyone else seemed to be in shock and mourning,
I felt a swelling anger.

At first I mistook it as possibly
the let down I was feeling,
not just for a role model,
but by the ideal
that with a little bit of laughter,
you could make it through anything.

But then this feeling churned bitterly on,
to the horrible wonder,
of what hope there can be for any of us,
when all the…

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unfetched peanuts

I can keep my calm,
yet still appear vicious,
as I question my dreams
while watching the routes
of my constantly recalculating optimism,
be cut off by a Shell;
Seemingly in vertigo
of its abilities and potential.

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painting pretty pictures of MAYHEM

painting pretty pictures of MAYHEM

We had weaved through the city with relative ease,
and were parked lakeside by high noon.

Joining the vanguard of amp’d up
and vibrantly dark Mayhem marchers,
our foot-stomps created a growing riffscape of anticipation;
Then merch tents and stages came into sight,
as we approached the thunder of double bass kicks and death growls.

The stages became organs,
and we the blood flow they demanded

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